THREEFETID . . . Who are you?


hello. you can call me cad or fetid. i live in the southern united states and i have a pet chihuahua.
i love to worldbuild and write stories. i am currently working on a project called Driftwood Bay Tourism. i can come off as a bit strange at first, but i am very patient and i love to talk. i would like to be and am training to be in the funeral service industry one day. i adore southern gothic work and most macabre work in general, as well as other things.
i am very spiritual and even though i am an ex-catholic, i still like to work with the aesthetics of the religion.
yes i actually do believe in angels and spirits, and a lot of my work focuses around these beliefs.
thank you for visiting my website, feel free to contact me.

casket pixel art done by kicked-in-teeth!

I like. . .

  • Horses
  • Vocaloid
  • Classical & Jazz Music
  • Rain & Cold Weather
  • . . . lots of other things

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